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You have entered our world of Industrial Distribution, all you need to keep your business in motion.  We are a 100% minority and female-owned company. As an authorized Sub-Distributor of Parker Hannifin, Ace Shock Absorbers, and Lincoln Automatic Lubrication, Nahama Industries fights to make a difference both in the U.S. and on a global scale.   When looking back over Americas industrial growth and rise to world wide dominance, you will find that companies like Parker Hannifin, Ace Shocks, and Lincoln Lubrication had priorities and goals which they used to make both themselves and this country great.  The companies Parker Hannifin, Ace Shocks, and Lincoln Lubrication, and others like it are the companies that sustain American and worldwide economic motion.   These companies are committed to empowering you to help keep America strong and running.

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You have also entered our world of beauty.  A world based on the finest skin products on the market.  From the beginning of time, royalty knew that minerals from the Dead Sea were the secret to beautiful skin. What did Cleopatra and Bathsheba have that we don’t?  The Dead Sea!  As a distributor of a “one of a kind” beauty line, Premier Dead Sea Products, and a sub-distributor of long standing industrial  automation equipment, Nahama Industries hopes to provide

Opportunities to Empower Individuals to lead their own business and lives Everyday.

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